In Development - Features and Series


A heart-warming feature dramedy in the tone of the indie hit, LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE.

The oddball Bell family are on the verge of falling apart, and the only thing that really holds them together is Lucky, the family dog. When Lucky is stolen, they must learn to work together to bring her back home.

Based on an extraordinary true story, LUCKY DOG tells the story of a family who can’t love each other. The search for their dog forces them together and ultimately helps them heal.


TV Series - Horror / Drama

Children have been going missing from a small coastal town for the last 40 years. An eerie mystery, the local cops haven’t solved a single case.

What no one knows is that all the children are still alive. They live in the storm water drains below the beaches. The children hide a chilling secret that’s gone undiscovered -- until now.

Email Annabel for the pilot script and series bible.


Feature film - Supernatural horror

Based on a true story.

In 1992, a poor but ambitious woman witnessed her best-friend channelling spirits that could accurately predict the future. 

The young woman seized the opportunity, and began a business. Rich and powerful clients followed… even politicians.

Most of the spirits who came through were good…  but not all of them.

This is their story.