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About Annabel

Annabel is an award winning filmmaker and photographer living in gorgeous Bondi Beach, Australia.

After working in the film and TV industry as a writer, director and casting director for many years, she’s finding the more personal art of photography completely heavenly.

Annabel specialises in infrared landscapes, which capture a light spectrum beyond the range of human eyes. It adds a surreal, fantastical mood to images and tells a more unusual story than standard photos. This is perfect for Annabel as she writes horrors, thrillers and absurdist comedy.

Obsessed with adventure, Annabel travels to faraway destinations pretty regularly. She shoots with a converted full-spectrum infrared Canon, and also uses a 720nm filter on her Canon 5D mark IV.

With her love of animals and nature, she also started Call of the Wild Pet Photography. She photographs dogs in dramatic, natural settings or iconic locations around Sydney. She also spends large amounts of time in post to take the photos to the next level.

Her favourite part of the job is hearing the doggy parents go wild when they see their four-legged friends looking so beautiful. Making people happy really is the best job in the world.